LEAP Environmental Assessments provides a wide variety of assessment,
testing and continuous monitoring services to keep you safe and healthy.



Identifies any tests required based on a property inspection and any symptoms or observations reported by the consumer.



Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Lead, and Water Quality.

Continuous Monitoring Measurement


Taking charge of your indoor air quality has never been easier.


Introduction/Basic Indoor Assessment

Includes a short visual inspection of the interior house components, and brief on-site discussion with the homeowner and a findings report.

Enhanced Complete House Assessment

Includes a detailed visual inspection of the interior and exterior house components, and a detailed report assessing potential hazards, red flags, and recommended remediation options.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment Only

An evaluation that identifies issues with the air quality of your home, and develops long-term solutions to promote your health and safety.

Continuous Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

A service that uses monitoring devices to record relevant Indoor Air Quality parameters in your home over an extended period of time.


Testing Services may include evaluating your environment for the presence of:


  • Mold
  • Lead
  • Asbestos
  • Radon
  • Indoor Air Quality Risks (such as allergens and formaldehyde)
  • Combustion Byproducts
  • Drinking Water Contaminants


What Makes Us Different

LEAP Environmental Assessments was founded based on the belief that people need tools and information to mitigate chronic disease symptoms caused by environmental contaminants in the home. As of 2021, the majority of Americans spent about 62% of their time at home. Because indoor air is often 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, this poses a real threat to our physical health. To meet this challenge, we provide a comprehensive set of assessments, inspections, and targeted testing for a wide array of harmful environmental factors and contaminants.

We can deliver these services on a one‐time basis or as part of a continuous monitoring program. We also offer guidance for those requiring potentially costly remediation work and offer post‐remediation assessment to validate the remediation was effective. Our detailed reports are easy to read and include valuable information on the links between contaminants and various chronic diseases. This information can support medical providers’ diagnostic and treatment efforts for our customers.